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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Owl Pets!-January Member Gift

Hi Jammers, Happy New Year! It is finally 2013! This is the first "exciting" thing I got on AJ today!

It is... AN OWL PET! It is sooo cute! Here is the Jamaagram AJHQ sent me.

I opened it...

It was an owl pet!
Here are the neck items.
Here is the "behind items.

Here is the "Pet Only Party" Rare  items.

Here is the regular items for the head.

Now here is my owl...
It looks soo cute! Try not to copy it please... but if you have to you can! I saw many people with an owl that looks like this...

Comment on what you want for the next monthly gift. (I think a playable animal will appear soon as a member gift...) Well cya for now!

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